About us


Our company since 2004, provides comprehensive solutions and software for the furniture industry. We specialize in direct distribution and sales of modern software to support companies in the furniture production and architects.

Before we took a comprehensive software for over 25 years we owned a company producing furnitureso we perfectly know the needs of our industry and try to match the optimal solutions for the needs of the company. Each company has different ideas and vision, drive sales because a wide range of our solutions and software allows us to almost 100% fit the appropriate tools.

Offered by our software is suitable for both small businesses as well as the medium. For those who lead the production of hand and for those that use CNC controlled machines and are looking for software that will use the maximum potential of the machine.

We also know that in small enterprises where the whole assume manages a maximum of 2-3 people and often as the practice shows the same owner - it turns out that the biggest enemy is not the lack of orders - just a total lack of time. This causes often manufacturing errors and unnecessary additional nerves and stress.

!!! We have proven solutions !!!

Our customers we recommend well-functioning and efficient solutions that not only allow you to have more time for themselves and their families, but also to streamline and accelerate production, eliminate many production errors, and most importantly save even while our money. When choosing software for our customers it had to meet a number of significant assumptions that we put in front of him, and of course had to keep the right proportions economics of purchase.

For over a decade, we are the exclusive distributors of the program to cutting optimization Optimik since October 2013 year of the program Adeko 14 to design kitchens, bathrooms and interior design (design of valuation and data on production in 15 minutes). From 2014 we also have in our offer, great CAD called Corpus which was writen by producers to producers of furniture

In addition, we offer:

             labeling system for the production of LignumSoft Labeling Intelligence

             modern design program Corpus - CAD / CAM - CNC machine operator


We offer you comprehensive solutions and software for the furniture industry.

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