The time you will have to wait for your order to be delivered is the sum total of three stages:

  • the time it takes to receive your payment ( it depend of payment method)
  • standard time of delivery liecence ( it is form 1h to 24 h)  Usually it is 3h from recive payment.

We won’t send the licence before receiving the payment.


We deliver licence to purchases Optimik, only via e-mail. E-mail adress must be valid, buyer must also take care about SPAM mailbox. Some times our mail goes to this mailbox and user don't see our mails.   If this happend please contact with us.

If you afraid sending licence to e-mail you can alwys write to us, then we connect with You via special application called Teamviewer and we copy licence file to your computer, install it, and also do a trining how to use Optimik software. For contact with this way you must to have active Skype account and deliver to us your Nickname by e-mail or conctact with us directlly in Skype.

Our accunt nickname is: docentwawa