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Additional Optimik module - Cutting Assistant

Module - Assistant Cuts

The module created especially for dividing saws and panel saws that do not support the process of labeling. With the cutting of Cutting Assistant we can take on the tablet directly on the machine mean a cut parts and print the relevant label on the cut part. This improves and at the same time optimizes the entire production process, eliminating the additional human errors.
In the current version of the module only works with the main base that must be installed on the tablet, or may be provided by a server in the local network (tablet must be constantly connected to the local network office) In the current version it is not possible to transfer cutting plan between computers (office and tablet)
The current version does not lead the statistics of cutting and storing information about the cuted elements. These functionalities will be introduced with the new Optimik 4



This module is additonal module:

To used it You must have: 

1.  Valid licence for Optimik Hobby , Workman or Professional

2. Order this module together with Optimik Hobby , Workman or Professional version

3. You should have tablet with Windows operating system only. ( Not supported Android and iOS)